My Mum Tarzan/My Mom Tarzan

Mum is a princess, an astronaut, Tarzan. Her family loves her fantastic imagination. Some people say that she will never grow up and, with any luck, they could be right!

Another wonderful read-aloud story from the author of ‘Bear and Chook’, with pictures that will make you laugh. Read it to your mum tonight (or let her read it herself).

When my first son was born, I found myself feeling overwhelmed not only by the demands of a new baby but also by the demands of running a house. How was it possible to have so much dust? Why did it keep coming back?

Once I gave up on the idea that I was ever going to be a champion housekeeper, I became obsessed with the idea that I should be a champion mother. I was determined that my son would be the healthiest baby in the entire universe. No lolly, chocolate, ice cream or fizzy drink was ever to pass his lips.

Every day I made him incredibly healthy meals—goopy mixtures of vegetables, followed by lashings of mushy fruit. The only problem was that my son was not so keen on the programme. The only way I found I could get him to open his mouth was when I imitated the grunting of a gorilla. While he was laughing his head off, I’d pop in a spoonful and hope for the best. After some months of grunting and beating my chest and wondering about the neighbours, I began to project into the future. What would it be like for my son to go to school? How he was going to cope with a mother whose only claim to fame was that she was good at being a gorilla? From that tiny moment of anxious conjecture, a whole story was born.

The happy/tragic part of this story is that although my son grew up despising fizzy drink, he now also hates fruit!

Children’s Publisher and Bookseller

“Having thoroughly enjoyed her earlier title, ‘Gordon’s Got a Snookie,’ I looked forward with enthusiasm to the prospect of reading Lisa Shanahan’s latest book, ‘My Mum Tarzan.’ I was far from disappointed. In this instance, Shanahan addresses the perennially popular subject of ‘parents behaving badly,’ and she does so with a confident, refreshing style that affords her story a satisfying distinction...Bettina Guthridge’s illustrations are full of vibrant colour and movement and aptly echo the rollicking quality of the narrative. Adding an extra dimension of implied humour to the story, the quirky details of her work will give children plenty to take in and appreciate. The book soundly affirms individuality and reassures readers of the strengths of being ‘different.’”

Good Reading Magazine

“This is such a fun picture book, a great book to read aloud and even better if you’re dressed in a Tarzan suit while doing it.”

My Mum Tarzan

  • Illustrated by Bettina Guthridge
  • A Mark Macleod Book
  • Hodder Headline Australia 2003
  • MacAdam/Cage 2008
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780733618673